Wearable Tech For Animals

It was bound to happen. Pet clothing has become such a trend and such a market that even FIT has a program in designing clothes for animal. Wearable tech wasn’t far away.The concept has been explored in many different ways with many different aims. Smart collars have been created for cows that serve multiple purposes; one’s similar to Fitbit, tracking cows’ calorie burning and general behavior. Another collar tracks when female cows are in heat and their overall health, which leads to more milk production and, thus, yields higher profit for farmers.

Of course it’s not just for farm animals. Dog owners can track their pet’s behavior with similar collar technology, seeing how much they play, eat and sleep as well as communicate with owners to delegate tasks—who’s walking Fido tomorrow morning?

We can see this kind of technology evolving to benefit farmers and pet owners in many more ways; what would you want your pet’s clothing to do?

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